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ZEROtaiko prowls the edge of fusion music and reshapes it into a unique, multi-sensory experience.

ZEROtaiko uses traditional Taiko, the ancient art of Japanese drumming, as a springboard into creativity through the marriage of the percussive Ki (spiritual force) with the modern wizardry of synthesized sounds, ethnic instruments, and powerful visual performance

Vibration, harmony, sound, and vision - these are the catalysts which leap from the performance to the audience. Spirit to spirit, ZEROtaiko transforms the ordinary into an extraordinary musical experience.

ZEROtaiko was formed in September of 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia. They envisioned a new kind of ensemble, creating a platform that fused tradition with modern music in a way that had never been done before. They started off with the basics...taiko and keyboards. After some time and experimentation they were on their way with the right elements that encompassed their vision. But what was to set them apart from all the rest, was seeking out the perfect foundation. It is the chemistry and bond between performers that conveys the energy and message in ZEROtaiko's music to the audience. So having the right performer didn't just mean finding a talent, but finding the spirit.

The result is a dynamic orchestra which draws all ages, cultures, and genders into the soaring rhythm and vision of the performance.